Seminar by MindAffect


We are very proud to announce that ir. Ivo de la Rive Box will introduce a different perspective on the application of science during the Mind the Brain Symposium! On Thursday June the 14th you will be able to attend his talk, as well as experience a live demonstration!


"As an entrepreneur I have the pleasure to realize things that have never been done before, by working with ideas from colleagues, and combining that with money from outside investors. Lacking any background in Neuroscience,  I will give you my take on the commercialization of recent advances in Brain Computer Interfacing, hereby focusing on the current possibilities with non-invasive techniques. This will not be a prediction, as Nils Bohr once famously said: 
"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future."
However, combining views from various industries may give some insights of where we see that mankind could gain practical experience before starting to enhance the effects of its fantastic brain, by leveraging calculations in an outside computer and interfacing with it. 
Let's start with practical use-cases that would work right now. 

With our team from MindAffect, we will also present to you a working Brain Computer Interface, which we are developing to help Locked-In Patients, and which we intend to test with ALS patients by the end of the year."