Oral Presentation Guidelines

In this document you can find the requirements regarding the content and format of your presentation and information regarding the submission and deadlines.

Duration           10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for questions
  • A nice warm-up to awaken the audience (not obligatory but desirable);
  • Introduction: necessary background for the audience;
  • Please explain terms that might not be known to everyone. If your presentation contains graphs and/or abbreviations, be sure to explain them;
  • Your research question and hypotheses;
  • Your methods: that you have used or that you are planning to use;
  • (Pilot) results + discussion/conclusion: If you do not have any results yet you can elaborate on what results you are expecting and what the relevance and/or implications of these results would be;
  • Finally: leave some room for questions. You do not have to explain everything in fine detail
Powerpoint Format
  • .ppt or .pptx format;
  • Add the logo of the institute that you are working at;
  • Should not contain too much text; try to minimize reading for the audience;
  • Should preferably not contain movies/sounds;
  •  If you do feel like it adds enough value to your presentation, make sure it works on multiple computers and let us know that you make use of a sound or movie clip (to prevent sound issues on the spot).

Do your best! We will award a prize for the best presentation!

Please send your powerpoint to info@mindthebrain.nl before the 27th of May 2018.
We will put your presentation on the computer during the symposium. Please also bring a backup on a USB, in case of emergencies.
If you will not use a powerpoint presentation, please also email us about this.

The committee wishes you good luck with preparing everything!
If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us via: info@mindthebrain.nl.