Apply for the 2022 committee

Are you a N&C student and do you want to organise a symposium about neuroscience for your peers? Join the new Mind the Brain committee! You will gain valuable experience in the science communication field and will learn to work in a team. Plus, you receive 3 EC, since joining the committee is part of the 'Communication in Neuroscience' course! You should apply to the course by following the instructions for application below, as you cannot register via Osiris. When you're chosen for the committee, you will automatically be registered for the course in Osiris.


When you're part of the symposium committee, you will participate in weekly meetings. Besides this, every member has their own designated function within the committee, for which they carry out tasks in their own time. Functions are: chair, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, logistics, promotion and sponsoring.


  • The chair leads the discussion during meetings, invites and maintains contact with speakers, and makes sure everyone is involved equally in making the symposium a success.
  • The secretary is the main contact person, as they manage the e-mail account and communicate with the students. They also take notes from each meeting.
  • The treasurer is in charge of the wallet; they keep track of all expenses and, on the basis of this, advise the committee about what possibilities there are finanially speaking. They work together closely with the sponsoring team.
  • This website and the social media accounts are taken care of by the webmaster. The webmaster works together closely with the promotion and sponsoring team.
  • All logistic matters are managed by the logistics team. For an on-site symposium, tasks include ensuring that speakers, if necessary, have a place to stay and a ticket to travel to the symposium. They also book the venue and make the schedule, amongst other things.
  • The promotion team is the creative mind behind the layout and promotional material of the symposium. All 'Mind the Brain' promotional materials, such as posters, banners, and of course the logo itself, are designed by the promotion team.
  • The sponsoring team recruits and maintains contact with the sponsors of the symposium. This is a very important function, as the symposium is dependent on the money given by these sponsors.


You can apply for the Mind the Brain committee 2022 by sending a short email with your motivation to before 8 November 2021, 11:59PM. In your motivation, please tell us what your preferred function would be and why!

thanks to our beloved sponsors!