Mind the brain committee 2021

Meet the 2021 committee!

The Mind the Brain 2021 committee consists of dedicated students of the Neuroscience and Cognition programme at Utrecht University. Every year a new committee is selected to continue the tradition and work on another edition of Mind the Brain. Thanks to generations of students and building upon the gained experience, every edition is special in its own way. If you’re curious who is working on the 17th edition, check out each of the students below!


You can contact us individually via info@mindthebrain.nl. Take a look at the main contact page.


Zuzanna Altmann   |   Chair


"In science, it is easy to get captivated by a specific topic and neglect other things surrounding it. We are here to remind all the students of the Neuroscience and Cognition programme that there are so many possibilities and discoveries awaiting them within the amazing field of neuroscience!"


Nikki Jonker   |   Secretary


"I like being part of Mind the Brain, because it takes different fields of neuroscientific research and brings them together to show different points of view within a specific, interesting theme (such as Brain on Lockdown)."

Lia Buzatoiu   |   Treasurer


"I joined the symposium committee, as I think it is important for young neuroscientists to get together and network while furthering their understanding of various neuroscience topics. Plus, I wanted to get closer to some of my classmates, especially during these times."


Sasha Nicolson   |   Logistics


"I joined this committee to gain a valuable learning experience in a dynamic team of aspiring scientists."

Dorinde Korteling   |   Promotion


"I joined this committee as I am excited to contribute to fun and creative educational content."






Suzanne Paauw   |   Webmaster


"Being part of the symposium committee motivates me to take initiative and is the perfect opportunity for me to share creative ideas in a professional setting."

Georg Klauß   |   Sponsoring


"The reason I joined the symposium committee was to organize an event for fellow students and learn from the challenge."

thanks to our beloved sponsors!