Mind the brain committee 2022

Meet the 2022 committee!

The Mind the Brain 2022 committee consists of dedicated students of the Neuroscience and Cognition Master’s programme at Utrecht University. Every year a new committee is selected to continue the tradition and work on another edition of Mind the Brain. Thanks to generations of students and building upon the gained experience, every edition is special in its own way. If you’re curious who is working on the 18th edition, check out each of the students below!


You can contact us individually via info@mindthebrain.nl. Take a look at the main contact page.

The current students involved in the 18th edition and their respective function:


Xynthia van den Oetelaar | Chair


" My name is Xynthia, 21 years old and I am the chair of the Mind the Brain committee. This means that I’m responsible for inviting and communicating with keynote speakers and workshop organizers and making sure all the deadlines are met. I studied Biomedical Sciences and currently I am enrolled in the master Neuroscience and Cognition. I am very excited to organize this event as it is a great learning experience on both organizational and educational aspects. In addition, it is a fun way to stay in contact with fellow master students. I’m really looking forward to the symposium where it all comes together and hope to see you all there!"



Arnaud Bruat | Secretary


" My name is Arnaud, 22 years old, and I am the master-brain behind this website as well as the one helping the Chair to keep in touch with the keynote speakers. I have a background in Biology and Social Cognition. I believe that organizing a symposium about such a fascinating and intriguing topic as the brain with a great team of students that share the same passion will be a memorable event ! See you soon !"

Lisa Imhof | Administrator


" Hi, my name is Lisa and I am 23 years old and I am the administrator of the committee. I provide information about the symposium via email and our social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I finished my Psychology bachelor last year and am now really enjoying my first internship of the master Neuroscience and Cognition in the psychiatry department of the UMC Utrecht. I like to be part of the Mind the Brain committee because it is a nice group of people that enjoy spending time and working together!"

Sam de Kater | Treasurer


" My name is Sam, 22 years old and I am in charge of the money! This means that I will be doing the budgeting and making sure that money ends up in the right places. Just like my fellow committee members I am currently a first year Neuroscience student in Utrecht. Aside from handling the money for this committee I am currently doing my internship in the lab of Corette Wierenga where I am indulging in the world of synaptic physiology. Joining the Mind the Brain committee is a great opportunity for me to gain organisational skills but, more importantly, it allows me to learn about the many different facets of neuroscience! I hope to see you all at the symposium so we can learn about it together!"



Marieke Krepel | Logistics


" My name is Marieke, 22 years old and I will be handling all of the logistical aspects of our symposium this year! I studied the bachelor Biomedical Sciences and I am currently doing the master Neuroscience and Cognition. This symposium is a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge in neuroscience in a different way to create a great event. I am very excited to start planning and to make it all come together!"



Stef van der Starre | Sponsoring


" My name is Stef, I am 24 years of age, and I am responsible for acquiring sponsors this year! A little bit about me: I did my bachelor Biomedical Sciences in Utrecht and am currently doing my major internship at Meye lab. I decided to join this committee because I am looking forward to organising a get-together after the recent years of pandemic. Hopefully I will see you at our (offline) symposium this year!"

Doortje Knobbe | Promotion


" My name is Doortje and I am 23 years old. I did a bachelor in Biology and now I am a first year student of N&C! I will be the creative brain of the committee aka chief Promotion. All the visual content this year will be created by me. I am very excited to get started and I hope you will enjoy my creations! I love working together as a team and organising a fun and educational day for you."

thanks to our beloved sponsors!