BrainTech: Advances in Neurotherapy - June 13th & 14th


We are very happy to finally introduce the theme for the upcoming 14th edition of the Mind the Brain Symposium: BrainTech - Advances in Neurotherapy! 

Neuroscience and technology have only recently been combined into the field of neurotechnology. This area of research is developing very fast and is a promising new player in the field of therapeutics. Various techniques, such as Brain Computer Interfaces, Deep Brain Stimulation, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or Virtual Reality are being widely investigated and used as neurotechnological therapies for several neurological diseases.

During this year’s Mind the Brain symposium, we want to show you its possibilities for today and for the future. 

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On behalf of the Mind the Brain Committee,



Vida Kasanin,


The 2018 Mind the Brain Committee
The 2018 Mind the Brain Committee

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