Mind the Brain symposium 2019






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Tickets include entree, lunch and a goodiebag.

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Our last keynote speaker on the Mind the Brain symposium 2019 is professor Peter de Jonge.

Peter de Jonge is a Professor of Developmental Psychology at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and used to be a Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at UMC Groningen.
Main topics of his research are the lifespan associations between depression and somatic diseases, and enhancing phenotypes for internalising disorders. One very distinctive paper of Peter de Jonge is "Acute stress responses after indirect exposure to the MH17 airplane crash".


Come see him at the Mind the Brain symposium!




Our next keynote speaker is professor Inez Myin-Germeys.

Inez is psychologist and head of the Center for Contextual Psychiatry, Department of Neurosciences, KU Leuven. She investigates person-environment interactions in the development of psychopathology in general and psychosis specifically. One of her main research focuses is stress, reward, and alterations in social interaction as mechanisms underlying psychosis.


Come see her keynote talk at the Mind the Brain symposium!
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We’re happy to announce our second confirmed keynote speaker: Dr. Marloes Henckens!


As associate principal investigator, she focuses her research on the long-lasting effects of stress exposure, and stress-related psychopathology. She combines neural circuit level and molecular studies with the use of animal models, for example rodent MRI, optogenetics and local gene expression. Marloes Henckens will talk about these animal models at the Mind the Brain symposium.


For more information on Marloes Henckens and her research, visit her website: www.marloeshenckens.com





We are proud to announce that our first keynote speaker will be professor Ron de Kloet.

Ron de Kloet is known for his research on stress hormones, specifically cortisol. He discovered that cortisol influences the brain's resilience to stress through its effect on the balance between activation and suppression of stress reactions.


For more information on Ron de Kloet and his research, visit his website: http://www.rondekloet.nl/





Last thursday we announced the new theme and logo of the 2019 Mind the Brain symposium. We want to thank everyone that came to the Theme Reveal Party to support us. 


When thinking about a theme, we wanted something timeless and yet trending in science. We have found one that is highly relevant in science and in society today: The Stressed Brain -  A Nervous System.


We are currently working very hard on the keynote speakers and workshops. We are looking forward to the symposium on the 13th and 14th of june.